Four Years of BlackTeaBooks – How Blogging Changed My Reading Life

It’s been three years since I’ve sent my very first blog post out into the world wide web; it feels like that was just yesterday and, simultaneously, like I’ve been blogging since forever. This is probably due to the many things that happened in those three years! Several exciting book fairs have passed, a good amount of review copies found their way to my shelves, my blog moved to its own domain, expanded to Instagram – and, most important of all, I found ‘my people’: you!

The Hurting von Lucy van Smit – Ein hochgradig spannendes Debut

Mit überraschenden Rezensionsexemplaren kann ja manchmal einiges schief gehen – doch zum Glück war das bei “The Hurting” von Lucy van Smit aus dem Carlsen-Imprint Chickenhouse Deutschland nicht der Fall. Mit einem der buchbezogensten und interesantesten Blogger-Paketen, die ich je bekommen habe, wurde ich sofort in den Bann dieser mysteriösen Geschichte gezogen.