August was great. At least reading-wise. I really intended to make more time for reading, and managed it! A big help in this were audio books, which are just incredibly convenient if you are in a busy month. In fact, August was so busy that I completely forgot to upload this wrap-up! For the sake of continuity, I’ll do that now. So, here’s what I read!


Orcasommer – Sabine Giebken – 429 pages – 5/5
Wind, Sand and Stars – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – 143 pages – 4.5/5
Now We Are Six – A. A. Milne – 102 pages – 4/5
You’re Doing Just Fine – Charlotte Eriksson – 94 pages – 2.5/5
Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen – 300 pages – 5/5


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han – 8 h 20 min – 4/5
P.S. I Still Love You – Jenny Han – 8 h 59 min – 3/5
Always and Forever, Lara Jean – Jenny Han – 9 h 05 min – 3/5


The Two Towers  – J. R. R. Tolkien


My first choice of the month was a German review copy, Orcasommer. A full post will follow but as it will be in German, I wanted to share my thoughts here with you because I loved it so much. The book follows a girl who spends the summer with her biological father in Canada, whom she has never met before and now struggles to connect with. The day a young orca makes the bay of her father’s small village his home, life there changes massively. It was a cute story, with animal love and special bonds and a bit of romance, but also so much more. You can feel that it was well researched, the family dynamic added depth, and the role of the media and internet was so nicely integrated. The development in the village, who got involved and also the way politicians, activists and all the different groups tried to make decisions for the whale are food for thought. Plus, you learn lots about whales, and now I get so excited when reading articles about them because I recognise the terminology, which is pretty cool. So if you speak German, I’d definitely recommend this book!

Another favourite of mine is Wind, Sand and Stars. This book is basically a collection of thoughts and memories of the author of The Little Prince, who was also an air pilot. He describes changing times, discovering never seen before places as a pilot, what being stranded in the desert without water is like, and how he made sense of the world. I love this book, but with this first re-read I noticed different aspects, like misogynistic views that mirrored those of the time (around the 1930s) but still left a bitter aftertaste. Nevertheless, I’d recommend this book, just read it with open eyes.

I also went for a little poetry, with Now We Are Six, a gorgeously illustrated book. It’s especially suited for children, but if you are just looking for a few sweet verses, Milne is your go-to.

The same can’t be said about You’re Doing Just Fine, which you can read all about in my review.

Now, my absolute highlight of the month was Pride and Prejudice. I finally read it, and am obsessed and in love! It came at the perfect time for me, and now I’d like to move to Pemberley please thank you very much.

As you can see, I chose the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series as audio books after watching and loving the Netflix adaptation. Unfortunately, this is one of the rare cases where the movie is much better than the book – if you follow me on Goodreads, you know my thoughts already. Basically, the second and third book are obsolete, the story is shallow and at times problematic. I will still hope for a second film though, because I’m convinced they will do a far better job and the story itself is cute. Also, Noah Centineo!


Otherwise, it wasn’t a very exciting month. The heatwave immobilised probably most of us, nobody wanted to move unless they absolutely had to – which may have contributed to more reading time, now that I think of it. How was your month? And do you have any wishes or suggestions on what you’d like to see about my wrap-ups? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Happy Reading!

Love, Sandy x

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