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I’m not sure if anyone is even reading my posts anymore, but I still wanted to bring back my monthly wrap-ups. As I got to know the bookish community better, I was inspired by so many of you to create actual reading habits, to experiment with new genres and generally just read more. Yet, I never managed to hit the magic number of finishing a hundred books a year, which somehow became a little obsession of mine. Maybe it’s not so much about the number but the simple idea of pushing myself to incorporate reading better into my daily life, but either way (as some of you might now) I set my goal for the 2018 Goodreads Challenge to the ambitious 100. For some people this might be an average number, but for me it’s quite a lot; and maybe I will fail once again, but I’m determined to try anyway!

So, the quest is off to a promising start, and I’m not too disappointed with my January turnout. I created a reading list for the first time in ages to give myself a little more structure, and it worked surprisingly well for the first half of the month. Due to some personal events and a very unhealthy obsession with several TV shows I was thrown off my path for the last two weeks, but I will just accept that and get right back on track.

In total, I finished six books, watched about ten seasons of TV shows (please don’t judge me) and listened to one audio-book. Here is the overview:


Der Weihnachtosaurus Tom Fletcher 368 pages ☕☕☕☕
The Princess Diarist Carrie Fisher 257 pages ☕☕☕☕½
Six of Crows Leigh Bardugo 462 pages ☕☕☕☕☕
Crooked Kingdom Leigh Bardugo 536 pages ☕☕☕☕☕⭐
Winnie The Pooh A. A. Milne  148 pages ☕☕☕☕☕
Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Agatha Christie  215 pages ☕☕☕☕½
Now, I still have to figure out a balance between reading more and keeping up with my reviews which, frankly, I sucked at this month. But rather than growing roots in the corner of shame and making feeble promises to be better, I’m skipping ahead to crowning my favourite read of January: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. My bookish parabatai Marie from The Bibliologist has been raving about the Six of Crows Duology since the invention of the printing press, and rightly so! I loved both books, but especially the grand finale blew me away so much that I’m still trying to collect my words for a review that doesn’t repeat the word amazing every two sentences.

The biggest surprise of the month however goes to my first Agatha Christie book, which I admittedly mostly bought because of the great title Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? I was a little sceptical at first but let me tell you, that purchase was absolutely worth it. I really should get going with those reviews, huh?


My only audio-book on the other hand was unfortunately disappointing. The German translation of the fourth instalment of the Magisterium series by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare came out, and as I’m following the series in this version (German and audio), I was thrilled to see how Cal and his friends were doing. I don’t have high expectations for these books, but even as a light read it didn’t qualify as a favourite. Cliches, predictability and unnecessary plot developments had me listening without much enjoyment and only for the sake of finding out where the story was going. Insert a shrug emoji here.


Now, before we go on you have to understand that I’m currently in a transitional phase of my life, emotionally unstable, vulnerable and desperate to escape reality. In short, my self-control has flung itself out of the window. Throw in the pressure using your trial month for Netflix to the full extent and you get: all four and a half seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the two seasons of The Crown (plus several documentaries on the Royal Family), three seasons of Gilmore Girls and the occasional season of Friends or Scrubs. I don’t even want to count how many episodes this makes. Let’s just say, I’m not even pretending to wonder where my reading time has gone and it’s probably a good thing that these trials expire after four weeks. No regrets though.


So, considering that I owe you several reviews, a Bullet Journal Flip Through and a few other posts that sit around in my drafts, I’m going to wrap it up here and get writing. I came up with a little blogging schedule: one review will be posted during the week and one general post on the weekends, and you may hold me accountable for that because I really want to do better next month. But now, who am I kidding, Season Four of Gilmore Girls is calling me on these final days of my free trial!

Thank you so much for reading, and here’s to a fabulous February ❤

2 thoughts on “January 2018 Wrap-Up: Goodreads Challenge, Reading Lists and Too Much TV”

  1. Huhu liebste Sandy!

    Oh man, das mit den Serien kommt mir soooooo bekannt vor! Ich habe letztes Jahr den Fehler begangen mitten in der Klausurenphase mit Gilmore Girls zu beginnen… Du kannst dir vorstellen, wie das lief. Deswegen habe ich momentan keine angefangenen Serien, einfach weil ich mich die nächsten zwei bis sechs Monate nochmal richtig zusammen reißen muss.
    Ich bin schon soooo gespannt auf Six of Crows und Crooked Kingdom. Wenn ich mit den Grischa-Büchern durch bin, werde ich mich recht bald daran setzen 🙂
    Ich hoffe, du kannst dein 100 Bücher-Ziel schaffen. Ich habe das auch noch nie geschafft. Mein höchstes bisher war 89. Ich denke aber auch nicht, dass das in naher Zukunft was wird. Ich war schon ziemlich stolz, dass ich trotz Studium gut 70 im letzten Jahr beenden konnte.

    Liebste Grüße,

    1. Hey liebste Mareike!
      Ohje, das kann ich mir tatsächlich sehr gut vorstellen wie deine Klausurenphase da abgelaufen ist, genau deswegen habe ich auch damit gewartet bzw. Netflix jetzt auslaufen lassen. Bleiben wir zusammen stark. 😀
      Ich bin mir sicher dass dir SoC/CK sehr gut gefallen werden!
      Also, mit 89 wäre ich ehrlich gesagt auch ziemlich zufrieden, und auch 70 ist neben dem Studium viel. Da kannst du definitiv stolz drauf sein. 🙂 ♥

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