Welcome to the heatwave everyone!

At least those of you who did not turn into a puddle of water yet. We are officially in the second half of this year and if you now feel as baffled as me, maybe we should form a club. Come on, this Christmas is now nearer than the last one! But before we run off buying presents, let’s stay in this insanely hot summer for a while, and reflect on July.


Beren and Lúthien – J. R. R. Tolkien – 288 pages – 4/5
Only Human – Sylvain Neuvel – 334 pages – 5/5
Lady Susan – Jane Austen – 119 pages – 5/5


Magic Cleaning – Marie Kondo – 6h 28 min – 4.5/5
Ein Bett in Cornwall – Alexandra Zöbeli – 11h 35 min – 3.5/5


The Knife of Never Letting Go  – Patrick Ness
Now We Are Six – A. A. Milne
Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte


It seems to be a thing now: I have to commit to Tolkien in order to appreciate his books fully. Although Beren and Lúthien was a very enjoyable read, it felt a little tedious when I only had time for a few pages here and there. This is why it took me a month to finish it! But I really wanted to be done by the end of July, and as you can see, it worked. So my advice if you’re stuck with one of Tolkien’s books, binge it!

Only Human was a stunning close to the Themis Files! Find out everything about it in my review here.

One of the advantages of living in Germany is that books never cost any shipping. So, when ordering an item through a retailer that sounds very much like a river and treats its employees badly, I order a book that costs less than shipping would. Coincidentally, that is perfect for Little Black Classics by Penguin, and so I bought and started Lady Susan right away. Find my Goodreads review of it here! (Spoiler alert: I loved it.)

And unfortunately, that was already it with the physical books. I spent more time on very long audio ones this month, which I enjoyed a lot! Magic Cleaning literally changed my life gradually over a few years, and now I took to it and transformed my own room again. Would you like a post on this?

The other audio book was a German summer story I listened to on the side; it wasn’t particularly complex or clever, but just lovely and refreshing. It translates to “A Bed in Cornwall“!


Currently, I’m holding my reading pace but am still 27 books behind my goodreads challenge. That is both completely okay and frustrating – I just need more reading time! But this month, I had quite a lot of adventures. I saw Ed Sheeran for the fifth time now (it was an insane journey with travel delays and bad organisation, but I got to meet the more than kind Ana from @wildflowersbooks, and Ed made it all worth it!):

Sharpen your Hobbit eyes – do you see who’s on that screen (other than Ed, of course)? Then you’ll know which song this performance was from!

One a slightly different note, I have found my creativity again. I have been painting, bullet journaling and even started writing my actual book (finally!). For now I haven’t shared anything of it yet, but I hope I’ll be confident enough to do so very soon. If there is a specific post you’d like first, please let me know!

And also, of course, us Potterheads had a little something to celebrate. Harry Potter’s birthday on July 31! If you would like to share your love for our favourite wizard, now is the time. Leave a magical comment, and have an amazing August.

Happy Reading!

Love, Sandy x

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