Hello my dear friends!

I cannot believe June is already over. It’s usually my favourite month of the year, and indeed it was. The fact that I started it in the UK probably helps, but there were a lot more contributing factors. First, though, books!


The Fellowship of the Ring – J. R. R. Tolkien – 400 pages – 5/5
Waking Gods – Sylvain Neuvel – 322 pages – 4.5/5
Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman – 282 pages – 4.5/5
To Kill A Kingdom – Alexandra Christo – 358 pages – 5/5


Narnia: The Last Battle – C.S. Lewis, Focus on the Family – 3h 57 min – 3/5


Beren and Lúthien – J. R. R. Tolkien – 59/288 pages


I finally took the time to finish The Fellowship of the Ring and can’t describe how much I loved it. My editions were perfectly sized for travel, so of course it had to come with me to Glasgow. Whenever I got a little anxious, reading about how Frodo and his (much more dangerous) journey he was scared to start, I instantly felt better. Tolkien is fantastic.

Waking Gods is the second book of the Themis Files, and you can find out how I liked it in my review!

One of the books I bought and started in Glasgow is Norse Mythology. I love that it will always tie me to this place, because it definitely is re-read material. The individual stories make it so easy to read while conveying a bigger story of the Nordic gods! Expect a review for this very soon.

My second five star read is also one of my favourites this year. To Kill A Kingdom was everything I hoped for and more! My review for it is already live as well.

With The Last Battle, I completed listening to the Focus on the Family audio adaptations of the Chronicles of Narnia. While I don’t really like the last book in general, I can still recommend them to anyone who loves or wants to get to know Narnia.

My second Glasgow-book was Beren and Lúthien, which takes me a little longer to get through.


In summary I can say that I tried to make more time for reading, but not as much as I would have liked or needed to do well with my Goodreads challenge. It bothers me a little, but yeah, there’s still time! Let’s see if I can finish three books per week for the rest of the year. *Laughs nervously*

Hey, here’s a question: Do you feel guilt over using audio books as alternatives if you don’t have enough time to read? I do. Sometimes it makes me feel like cheating, which is kind of ridiculous, but all the same not exactly… reading. You know?

There are so many things I still want to write for you guys: My Glasgow travel post, a thought piece, tons of reviews, and a post on rearranging my room, letting go of things and minimalism. It’s looking good though: Since moving my blog here, I feel more freedom to do whatever I want with my posts, to just sit down and write out my thoughts and not care if it’s “perfect” or if anyone will like it. Of course I hope you can take something away from here, but essentially I’m doing this for me. And that feels great.

Tell me about something that made you feel good in June!

Love, Sandy x

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